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ABOUT YOUR BOTTOM LINE Bookkeeping & Training Services

Established in 2008, Your Bottom Line is an incorporated bookkeeping services and bookkeeping training operation, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

We provided bookkeeping services to firms large and small. We also subcontract to larger accounting firms who need dependable, efficient and accurate bookkeeping services.

Our main goal is to take bookkeeping stress off your shoulders and place it firmly on our shoulders because the numbers are what we do best. From quick, reliable accounts receivable transactions, to payables and government remittances. We use proven processes to reduce errors and help you grow your business.

Looking for a DIY option? We've got you covered. Our bookkeeping training starts with 101 level courses to help you understand the basics of bookkeeping including terminology and fundamentals. Step-by-step we'll level-up and help you to understand the nuances of bookkeeping and then how to set-up and maintain your own accounting system in Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, or Sage 50 accounting platforms.

Regardless of your bookkeeping requirements or level of bookkeeping knowledge we will personalize your service and training to ensure you will stress less and be able to make better business decisions based on your numbers.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Your Bottom Line Bookkeeping

  1. Stress Less — Feel confident about your financial information knowing it's in qualified, experienced hands.
  2. Compliance — Deadlines are critical in this business. We will stay on top of transactions and tax filing / payments for you.
  3. Smart Decisions — With all the financial details at your fingertips you will be able to make smart future decisions for your business.
  4. Peace of Mind — We maintain confidentiality and privacy by ensuring it's securely stored and handled during every step of the process.
  5. Value — Don't pay for more than you need. Our personalized packages are tailored to meet your unique needs whether it's for bookkeeping or training services.

Diane David – Life Long Learner & Teacher

Diane is a life long learner who has shaped her own destiny as a business owner and leader in her field. She has facilitated thousands of business decisions and help shape the destiny for her clients because of her work in the bookkeeping field.

A high school accounting course taught by an enthusiastic mentor laid the foundation for Diane's interest in bookkeeping. After graduation Diane purposefully sought out jobs with bookkeeping opportunities.

From 1981 to 1986 Diane learned the ropes the old-fashioned way, with pen, paper and a trusty adding machine. In 1987, while working as an Assistant Bookkeeper with a local manufacturer she was introduced to a DOS computer with a spreadsheet program. The world of bookkeeping now offered her new challenges. Having learned the fundamentals, the 'hard' way made moving to a spreadsheets exciting, almost magical as they calculated behind the scenes.

Diane's learning moved from spreadsheets to programs like Bedford, Simply Accounting, Quantus, Quickbooks and Sage, in employment positions with increasing accounting and management responsibility. Her knowledge is solid in all things accounting including, AR, AP, reconciliation of general ledgers, payroll, government remittances and so much more.

In September 2008 Diane started Your Bottom Line, incorporating the business in June 2015. Over the years, without her realizing it Diane moved from learner to teacher, helping businesses who wanted to take care of their own books but were not sure how. The evolution of adding training to the service offering seemed a no-brainer and 2020 seemed a good year to start.

Diane manages her business and her clients with the same moral and ethical responsibility she has for herself personally. Combine these characteristics with her authentic personality and its not a wonder her clients highly recommend Diane and Your Bottom Line.

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