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SERVICES   One-on-One Business Consulting

Accurate well-organized financial records help to ensure your business operates effectively on a day-to-day basis. They also lay the foundation for your business success, providing insight into strengths and weaknesses inherent in your business model and operations. The challenge is having the experience and knowledge of these nuances to recognize potential problems and opportunities hidden within.

We can help you identify areas that are negatively affecting your profitability and growth and provide you with viable options and alternative solutions that are technically sound. Our years of experience working with different businesses in different industries makes us an ideal sounding board for owners and managers, and our flexible and personalized approach provides insight into challenges and potential solutions for your operations.

Help with Critical Business Decisions

We can also work with you to identify and analyze some of the critical decisions many business owners are faced with like:

  • What legal structure should I set up for my business? Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership?
  • How do I register my business?
  • What taxes does my business have to pay and how do I set-up these accounts?
  • What accounting software is best for my business?
  • How can I forecast my cashflow?
  • Should I have an employee benefit plan and what should I look for in a plan?

Our ability to critically analyze options and provide advice is the true value added of our service offering – AND what makes us an invaluable part of your business team.

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